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About Mattest

  • Mattest Research Academy Pvt. Ltd, India, performing into new innovations towards Materials, Mechanisms, Machines and Manufacturing systems.

  • Providing solutions in terms of Surface treatments and surface deposition to encounter the failures due to corrosion, friction  and wear on materials and machine assembly.

  • In terms of improvement in energy efficiency, Mattest Research Academy associate with National and International partners in low carbon technology demonstration and phase changing materials.

  • The main focal of the academy is to provide the research in an international standard.

  • Exploring new ideas and implementing the concepts through innovative technologies encountering the impacts of global warming and climate changing.


“Research Innovation and Technology Advancement”

The extensive research outcomes and appropriate solutions for the global engineering society achieving through systematic analysis and by advanced technological innovations.


  • Introducing new engineering materials by incorporating enhanced properties and modified characteristics.

  • Adopting new mechanism by evolving the changes in design and functionality.

  • Product development through advanced processing and modern manufacturing.

  • The process outcomes are accomplished through high precision testing and characterization.

  • An efficient manufacturing targeted through IOT- Data management system.

MOU With



  • Dr.I.Saravanan ME, MBA, Ph.DManaging Director

  • Mr.D.Kumaresan - Director

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