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The objective of the firm is to finding solutions for deficiency in system, process and or functions in  terms of materials and their properties. Especially the energy loss and loss in durability and other failures caused by corrosion and wear due to friction. In order to improve the functions, properties and resistance against wear, the surface properties such as roughness hardness lubricity are to be improved by modifying the morphology microstructure and topography of the surface are to be in contact for both dynamic and static conditions.


We are providing solutions for the issues raised due to friction and wear, in terms of improving the efficiency of the functionality and increase the durability of the machine parts through modifying the surface integrity of the mechanical, physical and optical properties.In this aspect the surface modifications can be accomplished by suitable surface treatments, cold working and deposition of suitable materials over the surface of the component by appropriate coating process.


We are working for automobile manufacturing and bio medical industries in corrosion and tribological aspects where the failures made often the parts like piston shafts in engine components, Gear box, braking system due to friction and wear. We associate with the reputed research institutions like IIT, IGCAR, CEG and with various research centres and laboratories. We are familiar with the materials like Metals, Ceramics, polymer and their composite forms. The research outcomes are carried out up to Nano level using Nano materials through nanotechnology.


The surface modifications will be carried out through suitable deposition techniques and treatments in recent technological trends. Sputter coating Pulsed laser and arc deposition are to be carried out thin coatings and Plasma deposition, cold spray and HVOF techniques are in practice for thick coatings. The changes in morphology topography and microstructure are to be evaluated and analysed by modern characterisation techniques and the solutions will be found from the suggestions of the experts.

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